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Web AR – KFC – Case Study


We partnered with KFC to design a unique and engaging Web AR fan experience that would keep the excitement alive beyond the cricket field. The objective was to blend the digital and physical world, allowing fans to enjoy the matches, their favourite KFC meals, and an interactive Augmented Reality (AR) game, all without missing a beat of the live cricket action.


We designed a Web AR game, the Fry-Hard AR game, that fans could play alongside limited offer meal deals. The game design included a user journey from initial registration to AR-based virtual asset token (VAT) collection to a prize reveal, all wrapped up in an engaging and seamless Web AR experience. The experience was crafted to encourage sharing and social interactions.


With the Fry-Hard AR game, fans enjoyed a unique AR experience, collecting VATs to play the game and winning prizes with KFC Delivery+. We ensured that the fans’ journey, from clicking on a magic link in an email to online voucher usage, was smooth, easy to understand, and exciting. The resulting experience effectively elevated the way fans engaged with KFC during the cricket matches.

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