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Connect digital and real-life experiences for short-term marketing campaigns or long-term brand loyalty.

Enable live branded engagement with your customers in the true metaverse – the augmented reality world.

Inner Reality has created the world’s only branded web app experience that uses state of the art no-code, cloud technology to allow brands to deliver location specific AR interaction dynamically to anyone, anywhere, at any time, at any scale.

Powerful digital marketing that drives branded awareness, loyalty and sales, at any scale.

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We create innovative customer experiences through smart virtual tokens.

Using the world’s most flexible virtual asset token (VAT) that supports Augmented Reality, geo-location, gamification, and web-wallets, campaigns can be dynamically controlled and evolved in live time, to optimise marketing performance.

Recent projects.

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A powerful, flexible media for any marketing challenge.

The innovative formats of our campaigns ensure that conversion rates are of a world class standard.

Experience a 50% conversion rate from URL visits to active registrations with VATs.

Engage users effectively – over 90% of registrations partake in gameplay activities.

Boost customer interaction with redemption rates soaring above 70%.

Drop exclusive deals with Deal Dropper, Augmented Reality right at your fingertips

By seamlessly blending smart geo-location and captivating AR experiences, you can now drive footfall and sales like never before. Say goodbye to traditional marketing methods and hello to a cost-effective, immersive solution that revolutionizes customer engagement. 

Ready to make your brand stand out? Let’s make it happen.

Trusted by global brands to produce extraordinary campaigns.

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