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BKxPepsi – Augmented Reality – Case Study


BK and Pepsi, two legendary brands, sought to step out of their routine and deliver a unique and rewarding experience to their customers. The aim was to celebrate their collaboration by orchestrating a summer-long augmented reality hunt, offering thousands of prizes, including limited-edition NFTs, free Whoppers, and more, all artistically infused with the creative essence of the well-known South African artist, African Ginger.


We designed an engaging augmented reality based game, X Marks The Drop, where players could hunt for virtual drops and win big. Participants registered, located the nearest BK drop or dropped a token right in front of them, collected tokens in augmented reality mode, and discovered their winnings in their Whopper Wallet. The prizes ranged from free Whoppers to limited-edition NFTs, exclusive meal deals, and an original artwork by African Ginger as the grand prize.


BKxPepsi’s X Marks The Drop became a summer sensation. Players joined the augmented reality hunt through their mobile devices, uncovering thousands of prizes and enjoying an immersive AR experience. The campaign successfully created a buzz, celebrated the BKxPepsi collaboration, and reinforced customer loyalty through engaging gameplay, thereby making a powerful impression in the market.

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