Inner Reality Limited

Klipdrift – Case Study


Klipdrift desired to augment the South African Sevens World Cup Rugby experience by launching an interactive metaverse where fans could engage with the brand and the event in a novel way. The goal was to create a campaign offering thousands of prizes and unique NFTs, combining sports passion with digital innovation.


We designed a bespoke web app, supported by custom APIs, to bring the Klipdrift metaverse to life. Within this virtual space, users could explore, interact, and collect various virtual items and unique NFTs. The design focused on making the campaign accessible and engaging for the public, enhancing the overall rugby viewing experience.


The Klipdrift metaverse proved to be a monumental success. Fans actively interacted with the virtual items, with an impressive 70% of the virtual items claimed and a full 100% redemption rate for the NFTs. The campaign showcased the power of combining sporting events with digital innovation, transforming passive viewers into active participants, and adding a whole new layer of engagement to the World Cup Rugby experience.

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