Inner Reality Limited

Who We Are

Inner Reality is a revolutionary digital software solution provider.

The Inner Reality solution was created as a scalable, cost-effective, efficient media solution for virtual and digital engagement through VAT and virtual-drop NFTs.

By fusing programmability, scalability, affordability, speed, and location-based augmented reality (AR), Inner Reality is the new powerhouse for audience activation, engagement and loyalty.

The Inner Reality solution enables the world’s most innovative brands to cost-effectively drive deeper levels of virtual customer engagement, helping brands to grow through the use of AR and location-based technologies.

Services that we provide to brands or agencies

Inner Reality has a highly experienced leadership team, having worked across many sectors of communications technology and marketing solutions.

All projects are built collaboratively upon audience insight and research. Together with clients, we ensure that the campaign is created to deliver against  a clear set of objectives so that we always plan the most effective campaign delivery and engagement location strategies

All our campaigns are painstakingly created from the bottom up, so that each aspect delivers creatively. We offer full digital and virtual creatives services including ideation, branding, design, 3D creation, AR adaption, digital execution.

We deliver experiences to the highest standard, building trust and loyalty with our audiences. Our end to end digital expertise covers design, wireframe, coding, configuration, application, testing, live management, reporting and data management. We provide live reporting dashboards and evaluations based on campaign KPI’s.


Meet the CEO

Joss Davidge: With 20 years’ client-side marketing experience, 15 years’ agency experience, and a genuine passion for all things creative tech; Joss has an in-depth perspective on the challenges and deliverables necessary to deliver best-in-class marketing solutions for the world’s best brands.

Marketing in today’s dynamic world needs truly agile tools. Our software is the only digital token solution currently available worldwide which enables brand owners to make changes 'in live time'. Change the dynamics of your promotion, change the look and feel, and change the copy…instantaneously.

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