Highly effective virtual promotion campaigns, at any scale.

Deal Dropper is a new media platform that allows you to geo-target consumers by virtually dropping rewards, incentives and information directly in front of your audiences, utilising a blend of smart geo-location and jaw-dropping Augmented Reality.
You can now cost-effectively create virtual promotional campaigns directly around your business locations to incentivize footfall and sales.

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Unlock the power of gamification and virtual engagement to drive footfall and drive sales like never before! With Deal Dropper, you can captivate potential customers with immersive experiences that convert – boasting an impressive circa 90% conversion to prospects providing their 1st person data.

Say goodbye to wasted promotions and unclaimed offers. With the Deal Dropper approach, we regularly see redemption levels of 70%+ for deals and promotions, ensuring maximum ROI for your marketing efforts. What’s more, tap into our network of Deal Dropper Users who are eager to engage with your brand’s promotions. A vital opportunity to amplify your brand’s reach and impact.

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How the Deal Dropper platform will benefit you

and footfall.

Drive awareness and footfall with specific GPS located deals.

and insights.

First-person data of everyone who is ‘interested’ in your business.


Your brand will be included in any marketing that Deal Dropper undertakes.

The Deal Dropper web application

We are running a limited launch offer on our white labelled web app

Your logo on the Deal Dropper map

Your logo and offer on a dedicated parachute branded virtual token (VAT) that drops at every paid for location

Your logo on a dedicated branded virtual token (VAT) in the Deal Dropper vault

A branded offer page with details of your offer, address, phone number and URL

A hyperlink to your website

The chance to buy extra advertising banner space on the base of the wallet

A weekly summary report, plus the data file for the people who collected your branded virtual tokens (VATs)

Deploy virtual NFT drops seamlessly and at scale with branded virtual tokens (VATs).

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