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Saïd ïmpact from within – Oxford Business School’s New Identity Introduction & Campus Exploration

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Saïd ïmpact from within, an immersive AR-powered orientation experience designed to familiarize new students, existing students and staff with Oxford’s Saïd Business School campus and revitalised brand positioning, encouraging exploration through a virtual treasure hunt-style activation. Participants engaged with various campus attractions, unlocking virtual prizes and fostering a sense of discovery.


Oxford Saïd Business School wanted to introduce their new positioning and identity, plus revolutionise its orientation process, seeking an innovative approach to introduce new and existing students, and staff to the new positioning and the sprawling Oxford campus. The challenge was to inspire exploration and engagement among incoming students, immersing them in the campus’s diverse offerings while fostering a sense of excitement and connection to their new academic environment.


In collaboration with Inner Reality, Oxford Saïd Business School launched a virtual treasure hunt-style activation spanning the campus’s numerous points of interest. Through an AR-powered experience, students were incentivized to explore different locations, each offering virtual prizes and unique experiences. By integrating cutting-edge technology with real-world discovery, the activation aimed to introduce the bold new look and feel of the Saïd brand positioning and identity. It also aimed to captivate and immerse students in the campus’s rich culture and history.

Participants accessed the AR platform via their mobile devices, navigating through the campus to discover hidden treasures and unlock virtual rewards. Points of interest included historic landmarks, academic buildings, and recreational areas, each presenting an opportunity for students to engage with their surroundings and learn more about the school’s heritage.

Upon reaching designated locations, students collected 3D logos for the revised brand positioning and were rewarded prizes and exclusive digital content, further enriching their onboarding experience. The gamified nature of the activation encouraged continued exploration, fostering a sense of community and camaraderie among incoming students.


The campus exploration initiative proved successful, with new engagers enthusiastically embracing the AR-powered experience. Engagement metrics revealed a significant uptick in campus exploration, as participants actively sought out points of interest and interacted with the virtual treasure hunt. They re-engaged with the activation multiple times, demonstrating sustained interest and curiosity about their new academic environment.

Feedback from participants highlighted the initiative’s effectiveness in fostering a sense of belonging and familiarity within the Saïd Business School community. By seamlessly blending technology with tradition, the brand revitalisation experience provided a memorable introduction to campus life, setting the stage for a successful academic journey.

Overall, the collaboration between Saïd Business School and Inner Reality showcased the power of immersive AR experiences in enhancing orientation processes and fostering student engagement.

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