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KFC Fryhard Fans 3.0 AR Game – Case Study

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An AR-powered experience that knocked it out of the grounds, allowing fans to enjoy their finger-licking good chicken without missing a second of the action at the Proteas vs India cricket series.​


KFC approached us seeking an innovative experience: to engage new and existing customers, attract more people to watch the cricket matches live, appeal to a younger audience, and collect first-person data. Thrilled with the results of the previous two campaigns, they were eager to create a third activation… this time at the Proteas vs India cricket series in December 2023.


In an exciting collaboration, KFC joined forces with Inner Reality to unveil the next chapter of their Fry Hard Fans AR game, this time igniting excitement at the Proteas vs India cricket series.

Enter the Fry Hard AR game – a virtual playground where fans could immerse themselves in a tantalizing blend of interactive, gamified entertainment, and exclusive meal deals. From registration to the unveiling of prizes, participants embarked on a captivating journey through the realms of Web AR technology, where every tap and swipe brought them closer to victory.

The activation had two geo-targeting setups: firstly, virtual tokens dropped at the cricket grounds offered exclusive prizes that could only be won at each match. The second setup included viewers watching from home who couldn’t make it to the game, allowing them to still win prizes and participate in the experience. Crafted to encourage further sharing and social interactions, creating buzz beyond the cricket grounds.

But what sets this experience apart from its predecessors? The introduction of a new gamified feature: the Spin to Win wheel. With a simple spin, users found themselves in the thrilling pursuit of limited meal deal prizes, adding an extra layer of excitement to the campaign.


By harnessing the power of a web AR platform, virtual asset tokens (VATs), smart geo-location, and gamification features, KFC has accomplished remarkable results with their campaign. They achieved sizzling engagement rates ranging between 85-90%, and users spent an average of 15-20 minutes immersed in the experience. Furthermore, KFC gained access to valuable first-person data from each user who played the AR game.

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