The global leading virtual engagement platform that
enables any branded VAT or Mass-drop NFT’s to be
dropped anywhere in the world, at any time!

As a unique-build, and truly agile platform, Virtuoso is perfectly poised to deliver the use cases, scalability and flexibility that today’s most innovative brand campaigns demand.

Our platform is a unique combination of bespoke coding and cloud-based software APIs, delivering a vast range of VAT campaign applications. Campaigns might encompass collections, competitions, prize draws, sampling, vouchering, discounts, virtual hunts and more.

Campaigns are scoped on the Virtuoso Management Portal, which allows us to project the scale, impact and budget quickly for any campaign. The VMP can also be used as an engine for live+ virtual campaigns or can incorporate NFT activations.

We can create bespoke brand campaigns that, through the use of our platform, create the opportunity for gamification. These can include virtual GPS placements and virtual drops of 100,000s of VATs and NFTs.

Our platform includes a dedicated reporting suite for easy real-time campaign tracking and post-campaign performance evaluation.

Previous campaign results speak for themselves, having delivered amazing engagement and conversion rates. Typically, we achieve a sign-up rate of 40-50%, a conversion to full game play of 60-70% and redemption rates of
50% of registered participants.

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Super-fast to deploy
Bespoke campaigns
Any virtual asset or NFT
Can drop anywhere, at any time
Huge range of AR creative opportunities
Redemption to match campaign (live, in retail, online)
Shareability across any platform
Highly detailed campaign evaluation
Cloud based API technology

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