So what’s a virtual asset token? 

A VAT can be any digital asset assigned any value created to deliver effective, live, virtual engagement. Think redeemable vouchers, prizes, tickets to events, discount codes, free merchandise or collectable and tradeable NFTs.

We can readily drop branded VATs at events, retail outlets (even those of your competitors!), clubs, in people’s living rooms – in fact, anywhere. With gamification, the experience can be enhanced through vouchers, prizes and tokens that incentivise participants.

Importantly, our platform is truly agile. We can readily change the dynamics of the promotion, the look & feel and the copy (it couldn’t be any easier!). There is no other platform worldwide which offers brands such true flexibility.  

If you’re looking to connect with your audience, wherever they may be, we offer a cost-effective and flexible web-based platform that ensures users don’t need to download an app to participate.